From the notepad to the rehearsal space and ultimately the recording studio, music goes through many stages of production on the way to a final release. A music producer may oversee some of these steps to take the risk out of recording, leaving you with your own unfiltered creativity.

I provide services that cover the entire production process, from songwriting and pre-production, to booking studios and musicians, to engineering, mixing and mastering the finished product. Depending on the scope and budget of a given recording project, I may reach into my professional network of engineers to mix/master the work. I also perform many instruments along the way, including electric bass, guitar and even baritone ukulele.

Every project has unique challenges and opportunities. Being a producer means knowing how all these elements connect cohesively so that artists can focus on their craft. Whether rock, R&B, hip-hop, country, acoustic singer-songwriter, world-beat, ambient instrumental soundscapes or just about anything under the sun, this well of inspiration runneth over.

Current Productions:

THE UNIFIED (4-Song EP) est. Early-2018

This R&B-soul sextet blends jazz virtuosity with dance-floor grooves.

SONS OF GRANVILLE (“Promising Practices” movie score) est. Early-2018

This 35-minute documentary produced by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) is the 3rd instalment in a series of films exploring the challenges faced by our First Nations communities.