In addition to my free-lance work as an independent music producer , I have several executive partnerships:


scoring to picture

This is a production company with composer Thomas Beckman.  He performs viola, violin and keyboards while I add guitar/bass/ukulele and engineer the production. His avant-garde arrangements are a stark contrast to my pop sensibilities so we cover a lot of ground. We feature many world-class players on cello, woodwinds, percussion and whatever other instruments we envision for our eclectic production.


songwriting & publishing

When I met Nick, he was inspired to leave his acoustic folk roots behind to try something a little more modern, so we started writing songs together in the studio and soon developed a unique chemistry. Nick starts with incredible song kernels and then I help to flesh out the lyrics and arrangements while we serenade each other along the way. It’s been a rewarding project as we continue to nurture our catalogue of original pop music. Inspiration now flies readily, along with bowls of pho and the finest french press!


Graduating from audio school in 2011, I immediately began working at one of the Lower Mainland’s finest recording studios: Vogville. For over 3 years I provided in-house engineering on every project that came through the doors, including Juno-winning double-album “Z2” by Devin Townsend Project. During this time, I also produced albums for original artists including the JPNSGRLS’ “Shark Week”.

In 2014 I became head audio technician at the Norman Rothstein Theatre, mixing all kinds of shows, from orchestras to theatre productions.

Shortly after that, I started producing music for all kinds of movies.

Long before I attended audio school, engineered on Juno-winning albums or mixed award-winning film scores, I played bass in the funk-rock trio Ashdown while teaching guitar at Ava Music in North Vancouver.