Graduating from audio school in 2011, I immediately began working at one of the Lower Mainland’s finest recording studios. For over 3 years I provided in-house engineering at Vogville on every project that came through the doors, including Juno-winning double-album “Z2” by Devin Townsend Project. During this time, I continued to produce and engineer original artists and bands including the JPNSGRLS’ “Shark Week EP”.

In 2014 I began working at the Norman Rothstein Theatre where I currently serve as the head audio technician, mixing shows of all kinds from live music to theatre productions.

Around 2015, I began producing music for film: composing, recording, editing and mixing short films, documentaries, feature-length horror flicks and the like.


This is a scoring and production company with composer Thomas Beckman.  He performs viola, violin and keyboards while I add guitar/bass/ukulele and engineer the production. His avant-garde arrangements are a stark contrast to my pop sensibilities so we cover a lot of ground. We feature many world-class instrumentalists on cello, woodwinds, percussion and whatever other instruments we envision for our eclectic production.


When I met Nick, he was inspired to leave his acoustic folk roots behind to try something a little more modern and dance-able. We started writing songs together in the studio and developed a unique chemistry. Nick starts with incredible song kernels, and then I help to flesh out the lyrics and arrangements. It’s been a rewarding partnership as we continue to build and develop our catalogue of original music. Inspiration now flies readily, along with bowls of pho and the finest french press!