I produce original movie soundtracks and engineer for all kinds of music recordings.

I’m fascinated by the songwriting process, both for the imagination and the craft. More often than not, I’m the producer, the engineer and the artist.


This is a film-music collaboration with composer Thomas Beckman.  He performs all the strings and keyboards while I add guitar/bass/ukulele and engineer the production.  His avant-garde arrangements are a stark contrast to my pop sensibilities, so we cover a lot of ground: www.sonsofgranville.com


A while back, I met a singer-songwriter with an album of smooth acoustic folk music. He was inspired to go in a new direction: something a little more modern and electrified, but still based from his acoustic foundation. Nick Gee and I started writing songs together and really developing a chemistry in the studio.

Inspiration now flies readily, along with bowls of pho and the finest french press.