Scoring to Film

JB and TB

For the past few months, I have enjoyed blazing a new path into the world of film music with composer Thomas Beckman. Thomas is an adept arranger and violist, creating complete symphonies from the comfort of his home. The only thing that can stop him are those pesky lawn mowers!

When Thomas submits his initial arrangement and the outline of a composition starts taking shape, we begin to add my instrumentation (guitars, basses, vocals, etc). Thomas and I use online project-sharing technology to the fullest extent.

JM Cover

In only a short time, we have completed scores for the documentary “Promising Practices”, a 20-minute promotional video for Artists for Conservation, feature-length horror films “Alone We Are Not” and “Big Foot”, and we’re just getting started.

We look forward to “Mermaid Biters” from Mills Pictures, and a special documentary series behind the Artists For Conservation, a global NPO with deep roots in Vancouver.

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