Return to Vogville


It was a nostalgic experience recording this week at EchoPlant Sound, the former Vogville Recording where I spent many long days and nights over the course of the past 5 years.
Thinking of my first days, just a few months out of Nimbus School of Recording Arts, assisting for heavy-weights, how little I actually knew about session protocol and sticking to your role, how I was often a liability to producers, the post-session scolding….

But also thinking of the indie artists that came through the doors, driven like hell to put in the work, reminding me constantly why I started down this road in the first place, and thinking about the absolute smoothness and sense of invincibility on some of the later sessions, like the 8 days tracking guitars and choir vocals for Devin Townsend’s double-album that won a Juno. Never mind being sick as a dog and running off to puke mid-take. It was perfect and I wouldn’t change it. We ate pizza everyday.

As an engineer and producer, I’ve come to know the room inside and out, but it was gratifying to spend time on the opposite side of the glass, as a recording artist, with skilled engineers and producers who will now make the room their own. It was especially cool to see the new setup of the control room (read: I love Space Echo) and to share a couple of secret handshakes for the live room.

Although the beloved SSL console, the centrepiece of Vogville for over 15 years, has moved to a new home in Texas, the spirit of the studio is re-invigorated and a new chapter is well underway.
Cheers to Ryan Worsley for getting fully behind such a great recording room. I look forward to many more sessions at your studio 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings, and our first Sons Of Granville recording at the new EchoPlant Sound!

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