In Studio: The Intelligence Service

On Sunday, producer Braeden ‘Pockets’ Rangno took this Vancouver 4-piece to Vogville to capture their special blend of psych/shoegaze-meets-punk-rock madness.

The first order of business: dialling in those drums. Pockets brought along a couple toys to complement the mic setup: Overhead stere0 414s fed the Creamer pre-amps and the SM57 ‘crush’ mic swam through an array of distortion and compression pedals. Two Royer 121’s provided a wide room sound, placed equi-distant from the kick drum.12036756_10153582425615856_4185785485869736359_n

The guitarist Alex ran two separate Deluxe Reverb amplifiers (one for ‘dry’, one for ‘wet’) which were baffled off to control the bleed and allow for higher volume without impacting the drum sound. In the far corner of the room, Heather setup an amplifier for her keyboards and synths. In the chamber, a single U87 set to ‘omni-directional’ added space and cohesion to the mix of drums and instrument amplifiers.


With four bed tracks in the bag, the band recorded gang vocals in the chamber and Heather played tambourine like a champ!

Follow The Intelligence Service on Twitter: @the_IS_band

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