Capturing Kirsten

I had the great pleasure to engineer Kirsten Nash last week for the recording of two live-off-the-floor music videos directed by studio owner Jonathan Fluevog. It’s always a treat to pull out the classic Neumann U47 microphone for an intimate solo performance. This vintage piece of gear and the recording artist seem to have at least one thing in common: they sound good in every style!


Shooting videos like this can be challenging. You want to get a clean, personal sound without shrouding the performer behind a big old microphone and windscreen. We decided to ditch the windscreen altogether and move the microphone back to give Kirsten more room to perform and just be herself. Just outside of the camera’s range there is a U87 and a Rode shotgun mic placed below the U47 to capture more direct clarity from the acoustic guitar. We used only Grace pre-amps for a deep, rich sound without un-necessary hype. I added a little bass and top-end to the vocals with the Tubetech PE-1c and let the SSL master compression glue everything together with a medium attack and slow release.

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