The Recording of “Spring Pt. 1”

The sunset over Coal Harbour provided the perfect backdrop for this troubadour’s first live music video. An established busker who travels the world with his music, Matthew Lennox won the crowd over effortlessly with grandiose guitar chords and sizzling solos while creating layers of deep harmony and percussion with his patented setup featuring his loop pedal and a vast array of monumental effects.


I set up a couple microphones to capture the performance: a Neumann TLM103 placed 3 feet in front of the amplifier facing the crowd and a trusty old SM57 about 8 inches away from the speaker, slightly off-axis to minimize the harshness. I also setup a DI box post-effects to capture all the madness as cleanly as possible.

Videographer Mike Paton roamed the seawall capturing this heart-felt performance as people gathered in close to capture their own little slice of Vancouver music history.

Photo 2015-07-16, 8 28 07 PM

Follow Matt on Facebook for the release of “Spring Pt.1” coming soon!

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