An Italian/Country Amalgamation

Inspired by a chart-topping country ballad he heard on the radio, Antonio was moved to write his own rendition in Italian. He pays homage to Nashville’s songwriting while incorporating his native operatic-pop style from the Northeast Mediterranean.

Re-writing lyrics is no easy task, especially when you’ve set out as a goal to maintain the exact melody and rhythm of the original. Antonio came to me with completed lyrics, so the hard part was done. Now all we had to do was re-create the instrumental background and record his vocal parts.

I called on a couple of Vancouver’s finest players: Drummer Tim Proznick for his hard-hitting, ultra-tight pocket and guitarist Paul Kinman for his country twang.

The highlight of the session for me took place in the final hours: in order to have background vocal harmonies, I would need to learn the Italian lyrics. Antonio coached me through the parts line-by-line until I was comfortable enough to sing them with confidence. I put the recording program in ‘loop record’ mode so I could sing each part 6 or 8 times in a row, then come back into the control room to choose the best 4.

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