Recording the Anthony Gilmore Band

This week I had the pleasure to engineer for the Anthony Gilmore Band, produced by none other than Jack Syperek of The Trews.

Photo 2015-04-27, 11 39 23 AM

Listening to Ryan’s latest guitar solo for “No Lovin'”

These guys take rock back to its heyday of fat riffs and anthemic hooks. This is the second time I’ve worked with the band, having engineered a few songs for them last year with producer Jonathan Fluevog. Here is a sample from those sessions:

The lead vocalist Troy Gilmore sounds like a modern day Robert Plant mixed in with a little Rod Stewart (the rock version, of course!) and to this day I am blown away at his vocal power and stamina.

Photo 2015-04-27, 11 41 18 AM

Producer Jack Syperek working with Jason on the drum parts for “Fly On By”

On the second last day of the session, Jack had to catch a flight in the evening so there was a bit of a deadline crunch to bang out the entire second song within a 8-hour span. We managed to capture the drums, bass rhythm guitars and vocals before Jack had to jet back to the East Coast. The highlight of the session for me was the feverish pace of vocal comping that we accomplished in the final 30 minutes. Ryan still had to record his guitar solo without Jack present, but he was more than up to the task.

Photo 2015-04-27, 11 32 49 AM

The acoustic rhythm tracks performed by Jack were captured with a single U87, so I decided to switch things up for the solo by going with the Blumlein stereo technique… Royer 121s are hard to beat!

Over the next few days, I remained in contact with Jack to make adjustments to the final mixes. One thing is certain: the band has progressed greatly since the last time we worked together, and I could not have had a more pleasant experience with everyone involved.


Guitarist Ryan Gilmore, producer Jack Syperek and engineer Justin Brown



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