Creating the score for Phosphenes

Composer and violist Thomas Beckman was approached to create the ethereal score for Phosphenes, a mysterious 9-minute film with no dialogue. In turn, Beckman enlisted me to produce and engineer the recording.

Photo 2015-03-04, 7 29 47 PM

To kick off the production process, we worked at my home studio creating the piano and contrabass parts. We avoided the lure of layering synths to create ambience, opting for simplicity and clarity. The filmmaker desired a traditional sound, putting the highest priority on the composition.

Photo 2015-03-09, 6 47 11 AM

We tracked the violas and mixed the whole piece at Vogville. Having produced Sons of Granville’s latest album I was familiar with his viola prowess, but it was never in a classical setting or with the freedom to expand on complex melodic forms.

During the final mix down we placed a large speaker in the live room facing the chamber so we could blast certain parts into the chamber and capture the natural echo with microphones. Okay, so we didn’t keep it completely traditional.

Phosphenes Official Page

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