Devin Townsend Project wins Metal Album of The Year

DTP Juno 2015

Last spring I had the privilege to engineer for this double-album. I recorded Dave’s rhythm guitars over the course of one week at Vogville. Check it out here.

Later that month Devin brought a 12-piece choir which we recorded for 3 days. It was exciting to see all these complex parts come together each day, although only Devin really knew how everything would eventually work out. On occasion, he would go into the live room to sing with the choir and act as conductor. The singers all did an amazing job learning their written parts while also adapting to Devin’s new ideas and suggestions. The 20-foot chamber at Vogville provided the natural echo which never fails to put a sparkle on great singers.

It was a humbling experience to see the fluidity of these great musical minds, although I am proud to say we kept a crazy pace on every session, from the rhythm guitars through to the choir.

If ever DTP returns to Vogville, I’ll be there in a heartbeat!

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