“City of Love” Chamber Vocals

Mixing "Come Closer" in studio

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Most would agree Sons of Granville are known for their uptempo ferocity, but there is one song in particular from their upcoming album “Imperative Drive” that will introduce fans to the tender, loving core that sits just beneath the surface.

City Of Love” is a wedding song, through and through. It is also the only track on the album that will include vocal performance.

We recorded the vocals between the mixing of “Come Closer” and “April Song“, to mark the half-way point of the album’s mix process.

The chamber at Vogville provided the perfect room to track multiple voices simultaneously, with its light and long reverb trail. Singers can be placed in various spots throughout the room to get different blends and echoes. We hoisted the microphone (safely) up to the chandelier 15 feet above the ground,  allowing the room to colour the recorded sound even further. The microphone was set to “omni-directional” to further maximize the effect of size and space.

As it turned out, we had the fortune to host Mike Paton, who I’ve known since 2005 and have played together in numerous bands and produced projects with independently. He was our resident REAL vocalist,  and I was the other. My logic was pretty firm and confident: an arena of people, or even just a large choir, never really sounds out of tune because the flat moments of some singers even out with the sharp moments of other singers. As long as we gave an honest, strong emotion toward the performance, I felt I would be able to stack many layers of our voices to achieve the intended effect.


Once we had learned and performed the bass part about 10 times satisfactorily, I showed Mike the harmony parts, and he diligently led us through about 10 more takes.Although the gang/choir vocal section is only 15-20 seconds long in a song that clocks in over 5 minutes, it adds a layer of passion and romance at just the right time.

The album release party will be held in October 2014 at Vancouver Fanclub on Granville. Stay tuned for details!


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