Vogville Presents Conversations, with guest Chad Brownlee

The new episode of this series is now available at http://www.vogvillepresents.com

Engineering Setup

Chad sang into a U47 microphone, which I sent to the API550b EQ, then to a LA-2A compressor and finally to the Tubetech PE1C, yet another EQ. I used the API to carve out some low-mids, making sure the compressor wasn’t just responding to the low-end of Chad’s vocal. The LA-2a reduction meter generally didn’t move except on choruses. The last EQ was used for a healthy presence boost around 10K, and a subtle bass boost at 60hz.

During the mix down, I sent the acoustic channel to a separate bus with a stereo-widening plug-in. I wanted to carve out the middle of the guitar a bit to focus the spotlight on the vocals.

There were 3 stereo compressors on the mix: The SMC2B multi-band, the SSL master compressor, and the Avalon 2044. The SMC2b was inserted pre-SSL, and the Avalon was inserted post-SSL. The Avalon’s pillowy sound seemed to suit the song selection.

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