Sons of Granville: Final Stages!

As the album Imperative Drive nears completion, new ideas emerge from unexpected sources. To add depth and density to various passages within the recording, Jarrett brought along the KORG Wavedrum Global EditionHe normally plays an acoustic cajon drum, which is very sensitive to differences in velocity and tone, but the Wavedrum allows him to access the sounds of many different instruments, while still capturing his technical subtlety. He records a djimbe concept for one song, a taiko drum for another.

Jarrett on iPad

Jarrett also brought his iPad, with which he has stockpiled a collection of effects and instrument patches. We’re talking wind, scary underwater ghost voices, scorching fires… Plus a whole lot of indescribable, theatrical swells. These plug-ins provide knobs, faders, and graphs to warp the sound on-the-fly. He bounced between Alchemy and iMPC . Sending the iPad (Alchemy) audio output to the Wavedrum AUX input allowed Jarrett to affect the swells by playing the drum pad. Essentially, he played and warped two instruments at the same time, creating incredibly unique soundscapes.
Although experimental, this unusual setup was not some stab in the dark; Jarrett has been honing his multi-platform percussive technique for quite some time, as a solo performer and as a collaborator with Lionzgate Music

Sons of Granville

Here is the first video from Lionzgate

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