Justin Brown engineers for new TV Show

vogville-presents-conversations---logo-and-photoThroughout the next few months, Justin Brown will engineer and mix intimate live performances by renowned artists, as part of the new series Vogville Presents… Conversationshosted by Brian Thompson.

For the first episode, Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) stopped by with his acoustic guitar. He spoke with Brian about life in the music business, and then played four songs while director Jonathan Fluevog captured the footage.


The classic U47 microphone was used for the vocal, then sent through a Grace pre-amp, an LA-2A compressor, and a Tubetech PE-1C EQ unit, with a subtle treble boost at 10khZ to enhance the clarity. The KM184 pencil condenser captured the acoustic guitar, sending it through an API 312 pre-amp and a UA-1176 compressor. Both the guitar and vocal were mixed in mono.

The only stereo image would be provided by the reverb. Rather than defaulting to the industry-standard echo plug-ins, such as Reverb or RVibe, a pair of TLM103 microphones were places in the studio’s lively chamber, using the O.R.T.F. technique to capture a lush, organic reverb that is unique to Vogville.


For the mix down, the acoustic was sent to the Avalon 737 compressor and EQ, to take off the edge and fatten the low-end. The vocals required very little in terms of additional processing. The tracks absorbed a bit of vintage SSL flavour with selective mid-range cuts using the G-series EQ, and a bit of analog compression.

Parallel-compression chain: Tubetech SMC2B, to even the dynamics between the voice, guitar, and reverb. After a few subtle adjustments to the Avalon 2055 master EQ, the final mixes were printed.

Stay tuned for this performance and many others on Vogville Presents… Conversations

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